Father took back property which was gifted to his daughter by him

Dear sir my father-in-law gifted a property to his daughter (my wife) after her engagement and in that gift deed document it is mention as D.*********** (her father's name) gifted to D.**********(my wife name before marriage) D/O D.********** and after one year of our marriage he took some big amount from me saying that he will by land on me and my wife's name ,its been 3 years i gave him the money, when i started asking him and shouted on him he took my wife from me.. and my father-in-law without informing his daughter and me he made a gift deed in that it was mentioned as my wife gifted to his father and in that document again it is mentioned as D.*********D/O D.******** BUT after marriage it should be J.**********W/O J.********** gift deed to D.********(her father) and in that document i saw a paper, in that my father-in-law's photo and thumb impression and his signature and next my wife photo ,thumb impression,and signature ,and bellow that it's written as she is not present and something like that.....they dint took her to registration office...and not only that HER THUMB IMPRESSION AND SIGNATURE ARE NOT MATCHING...they are different we can find it easily by seeing the first document whic was gifted to her ....what action can i take,,,,