Mental Harassment

I had been friends with this person (I don't want to reveal the names, so lets say A) since a couple of months from now. We used to chat. The guy, A, started liking me, and loving me, as he said. I at first said no to him as i didn't wanted to be in a relation with him. Even he stopped talking with me for a month or so, and then he again texted me saying i cant live without you, I still love you. I said no. Even though he used to talk with me, as time went i started liking him a bit, we started getting closer. But now he is torturing me to send my pictures (He forces me to send my naked pictures) He says I'd be in a problem if i don't send him the pictures and video, How do i stop him from doing this cause he won't listen to me. And the issue is that i can't tell my parents because they won't listen to me, I know it was my mistake that I had been so close to him, but my parents won't understand me... What can I do in this situation? Is there any way i can complain about him without my parents knowing it? Or maybe some other option? I can get rid of him.