Can it be punishable after de facto complain and accused mutual?

Sir, One of my friend caught by police on Cyber Crime and give him charges 354A (I), (II), (IV)/509 IPC and 66c/67 IT act 2000 and also added some Sec 456/468/469/471.All Charges in one case. He also gone for PC and JC then after his bail. He met the girl and the girl. Because she was his x GF so both of them compromise and She become De Facto Complaint. And She and Accused(My friend) prayed to police station for FRT. And the court ask for IO report but in IO report they said investigation still going on so they need time but they didn't give FRT. Now Police told to my friend that they will give Charge sheet against him. My question is to you all- 1) Can Police give Charge Sheet against accused after his x gf become De facto Complain? 2) Is my friend got punished on the basis of charge sheet while both of them compromise? 3) If he got jail then how long? 4) what is the way to get rid of this? I mean how the case will dismiss?Which is the shortest way? These case is now going on Lower Court.