How my brother can get bail.?what we want to do?

Sir My brother had a love affair with a lady she has already married and mother of a child.our family and her family were lived nearer in a flat.we were lived along a 6 years there .from there my brother and she were started their love .but we knew it after a year .when we knew about their relation they escaped from our home.and they lived together about ten days in tamilnadu.and her father complained about his daughter's and my brother's missing .we didn't complained about my brother's missing.and after some days they come back and presented at the police station.and after two days of all this problem I met him in a night from town and I took him to my home with his permission.and we said all about his faults and we decided to take care of him for that we shifted him to a safe place that the lady didn't know day that lady complained against me that I was hided her husband (my brother) .and after some days we didn't tell nothing about him both the police and to the lady .after two more days she again complained that my brother raped her cruelly about ten days.the police didn't take case of that and they told us to present in the police station .we didn't present there.and she took another idea that she told that "I will release him from her life and she is ready to give all his proofs and identities after a meeting with him in a safe place".we allowed it and she tried to suicide and my father and me helped her from that.suddenly she went to the police station and gave a complaint against me and my father.the police officer kept us in the station about 12 hours.and he misbehaved to me and my father very roughly.and she demanded that when my brother presents at the station she is ready to remove the complaint against me and my father.and we presented him at the station and the police officer released us.and next day he went with the lady and her that time we were said to the police officer that "we didn't have Any connection with him from now" .and they lived together almost three months from the police station he told that he is ready to marry her according to the Muslim marriage process (nikah).but still today that lady's family didn't take any action for that.and before a 20 days the lady's previous husband come back to her to divorce her.but she didn't ready for that.and my brother went out from her .after that problem she doesn't know about him .and she had an aim to destroy his life.for that she posted some fake information about him that my brother is a rapist ,he raped a three year old baby. he a drug distributor.he gave marriage offer to some Hindu girls and he is trying to convert them from Hindu to Muslim and also he raped them.and also she distributed my mother's phone number to some pornographic groups.and plz say what we do .