Mentally tortured by husband and in laws

I got married in Jan 2014 and my husband was a salesman in Saudi Arabia . Every month he used gt eighty thousand salary.he never used to send money for me .my mother in law should give 500 rupees for my expenses rest of the money she used to keep forherself and in-laws. I had delivered a baby girl but after my delivery also he didn't come to see his daughter because of their family financial prblm. After four months my daughter health was unwell after all the examination by th doctor they said her hearth valves were closed and she was admitted her condition was very critical my in-laws not even paid a penny in the hospital due to delay in payment no treatment was given she died after that my husband came to India and we started living sepeartely from my in-laws. Every time he used to come and start arguing with me by listening to his mother and sisters words. Again I was pregnant with my second child the whole prgnency went in argugement even in the middle I was admitted in the hospital for one day .he always used to cme arguge with me to return to my in-laws house because he can't afford 4000 rent .I came to my home for delivery I got my daughter as I was in mother house he has vacant my rented house without me and my in-laws have thrown all my clothes in my neighbour he is saying me to cme to my in-laws house if not I will give you divorce and he his also mentally harassing me by saying bad words to me and my family .what should I do to this kind of behaviour and I don't want to go my in-laws house I want to stay sepeartely in rented house.please help me