Seeking legal advice regarding Jewellery company in planning

We are in the start of registering our Jewellery business. In this due process we want a well versed advocate for our business for consultation and drafting policies for our planned company. we need legal advice for all this .there are a few of questions if anyone can suggest us for due process 1. we already have tin no. as sole proprietors and now we are in due process of registering a pvt. ltd. so do we need to apply for another tin. 2. our business faces risk from theft jewellery when someone comes and sell it or uses it for receiving sort of loan. how can we ensure transparent policies which doesn't hurt our reputation and business; cause recently police has started nabbing jewellers for it. what are the preventive measures for it? as far we see our future business, we need a advocate for ensuring correct policies in place to safeguard and minimizing possible risks and suggesting us up to date solution for our legal process.We have tried consulting local advocates in our touch but none has any experience in jewellery related business laws .we would like to get answer from you guys . Thanks