I purchased a flat in Auction held on 31st Aug-2012 from SBI, SARB Branch, Kolkata. I received sell certificated from SARB on 30th may 2014. Bank taken physical possession of that flat with the help of Barasat ( W.B) Thana on May 2014. DM, N-24 Parganas, ordered for Physical possession to bank (Ordered to SP, N-24 Parganas, WB, & Barasat Thana) on 2014 vide memo no. After taking Physical possession Bank handed over that flat to me and i started to stay of that property. On Sep-2016 the defaulter loanee of said flat, file a case against bank get a stay order from City Civil Court, Division bench VIII , Kolkata against not to sell of that property. The previous owners threaten me for leave the flat . When I not present in my flat (some labour worked there for renovation said flat) , previous owner came with some muscleman and bound to leave my labour from flat and locked the flat. I lodge a GD in local police station but still now no step taken from PS. What can I do . Help. BHASKAR ROY 9163565815 rabthakur@