POA act against my Dept. Head

One year after getting promotion I have not received confirmation letter yet. All my colleagues who were promoted at the same time have received confirmation letter in time. I have no adverse record also. In my 25 years of service i have impeccable service record. Before issue of confirmation letter the dept. head sends appraisal form to the sectional head. the sectional head has given outstanding in his appraisal. Instead the dept head returns back with comments not related to or has no such procedures existing in company policies. I know the dept. head has a grudge against me. Previously, the dept. Head tried to degrade my Annual performance Appraisal. In one instance the reporting officer was asked to change my appraisal. knowing this i did not sign the appraisal. There are other issues also like transferring me without any reasons, not nominating me in company training etc. But my main objective is to (being an SC employee) file POA act against the dept. head. I have already informed the higher authority recently in writing of non receipt of my confirmation letter, for which i have not any reply as yet. I have documents as evidences. Please advise on the above and can i file an FIR at the police station. Will the police accepts the FIR. If the police does not accept FIR then what should I do.