Recovery in Full and final settlement

Hi All, I have resigned from my company 1 month back after opting for Notice buyout amount. On my last day(as communicated from employer), I requested them to give me a recovery letter or mention the recovery in Full and Final settlement so that I can claim the amount from my next employer. But they are not agreeing on mentioning anything in written & holding my experience and relieving letter and demanding the money on call. After few days they mentioned the final amount in one mail without providing the breakage, so I requested again to release a official document for the recoveries with breakage. Kindly advice on this matter and also I have few questions:- 1. what are my options in this case?, as if I give them money without any document my next employer will not repay the amount. 2. Can I force them to release my Full and final, relieving and experience letter before paying them? 3. If not above, then at-least can I force them to release Full and final settlement officially and based on that I will pay and collect my experience and relieving letter? Please help as I am very inexperinced and having very lttle understanding on these matters. Regards, Vipul