Quashing of an fir on grounds of settlement

If an fir is quashed on grounds of settlement ..does that make one vulnerable for prestigious govt services like ias? one of my lawyer friends says so that settlement proves that you have done something wrong and thus it is a question mark on your character.as these prestigious services hold a very strict discipline they do not allow any one like this to join the service. am preparing for upsc and have an f.i.r against me however am not the real accused and was unnecessarily dragged into the entire incident.now the complainant has understood my concern and she has given her signature on the affidavit that says she does not have any problem with my quashing of f.i.r. (settlement ) however now am concerned that approaching the court on grounds of settlement and getting the fir quashed may hamper my future employment due to above mentioned concern. in this case even though the subject was acquitted the employment was not offered. https://indiankanoon.org/doc/91459758/ also the fir is very weak and baseless. it is clear proof of misuse of law. what should i do? should i approach the court to quash on grounds of settlement or on merits of the case? please advise me keeping in mind my future employment in services like upsc . i should mention that i am already selected for a govt job but am not getting the appointment due to the f.i.r . although it is clear that no one can be denied appointment for just having an fir but my dept has put my joining on hold ,they are neither denying nor accepting my joining.they are only vacillating please advise me what to do am concerned about my future.