Filing Case Against Facebook For MisConduct

I have been a Facebook user for years and suddenly they disabled my account for impersonation. On the other hand, they have allowed a fake profile that's faking my credentials and adding my friends while impersonating to stay on Facebook unchecked. I operate several pages on facebook for my brand and I also run paid ads on Facebook. Suddenly, they disabled my account and I don't have access to these pages, I invested so much money in, anymore. They have not only caused loss of my money but also my precious time that was spent on building these pages. Also, they're allowing a serious risk on my reputation by letting someone else use my picture and add people from my friend list who do so thinking it's my new account. After several messages and their own request to submit my documents for verification, they haven't replied and taken any action against it. I want to file a case against such bad policies of Facebook which is causing business owners monetary loss due to such thin policies for advertisers on Facebook and also for causing major risk to my reputation by allowing fake profiles work with my pictures.