Resign within bond period

I have signed a bond with my company on 1 June 2015 for 18 months. My bond will be completed on 30 Nov 2016. Can I give them resignation on 1 Nov 2016 without breaching the bond conditions ? I am ready to serve 2 months notice period. So in this way my bond and notice period will be served simultaneously. Below is a snippet from my bond / agreement- 5. TERMINATION OF SERVICES 5.1 Termination by Either Party Either You or Company may terminate this Agreement at any time by giving the other party a reasonable prior notice in writing. Minimum notice from either side shall be two months. Company reserves the right to pay you an amount equivalent to the remuneration that you would have earned during the two month notice period, in lieu of requiring you to continue to carry out your duties during that period. The amount under pay out rate shall be based on Gross Compensation. However, in case there is a subsequent Bond/Agreement between you and Company, the notice period in the bond /subsequent agreement, whichever is more, shall be applicable. You shall not resign / leave the service of the company while on overseas travel / assignment. You have been engaged on the presumption that the particulars furnished by you in your Application and/or resume are correct. In case the said particulars are found to be incorrect or that you have concealed or withheld some other relevant facts, your appointment with the Company shall stand terminated/cancelled without any notice.