Fake Case - Not moving forward. How to close it.

Respected Lawyers, There has been a fake case filed on me and my family as per the following sections - 420, 406, 507, 109 IPC. Later on after almost an year 3(i)(x)(xii) of SC/ST (POA) 1989 was added into the chargesheet (Mentioned as "Commissioner of Cyberabad recieved through Special Messenger") where as in reality the accused had no clue about the caste of the person who filed a complaint. This case was filed in regards to false promise of marriage which was totally false as we have proofs against every point of the case she has mentioned. There is a chargesheet filed but we dont recieve any summons to take it forward and due to this the main accused is forced to fly back to India from US as his passport was cancelled when he applied for renewal due to completion of pages in the passport. Now, since the case is not proceeding what are the next steps to move forward and close this case faster since the accused persons job is on stake due to this case. Where as the other family members who are accused have no clue about the person who filed this complain until the case was filed which clearly states all her allegations are false. Hoping to recieve feasible replies so that we can put an end to this case soon since the jobs of accused are on stake and lots of money is involved as accused had to come back from US particularly for this case.