Application under section 482 is pending in high court

A case was filed against my father in 2010, he did'nt receive any summons. suddenly one day police came to my residence and asked him to come to the police station there they told him a non-bailable warrant has been passed against him under section 82 of crpc. however they demanded some money and let my father go. after this he made an out of court settlement with the party but due to his bad health he was not able to inform this to the court, he asked his lawyer to keep him updated and answer the court on his behalf but his lawyer divided the fees paid by my father with the other party's lawyer and never appeared in the court. on 25th september police again came to arrest him and after that he filed an application under section 482 of crpc to the high court which is pending, to be heard in few days. I want to know that can police arrest him during this pendency of case. If so what can we done to delay it for few more days, because court will now be closed for diwali holidays? please help me I really need some helpful advice.