Road block

Our apartment has access to front road and side road. Apartment is build on a plot which has 2 survey numbers, 1/1 and 1/3. Side road built on remaining piece of 1/3 land to provide access to 1/1 which was a bigger plot during road creation. For apartment construction a small part of survey no 1/1 joined with a small piece of 1/3 and created a single Khatha. Side road goes between small piece of survey no 1/3 (apartment plot) and large piece of survey no 1/3 (neighbor plot) till survey no 1/1 which is at the end of the road.For last one year apartment residents were using the side road through a entry\exit gate . Now the neighbor plot owner is denying access through this road saying it is a private road and apartment residents can't access it. Large plot 1/1 bifurcated and a small portion added with 1/3. Does the small portion of 1/1 which added with 1/3 for apartment plot hold any access rights for the road? Can apartment residents use this side road? Does the neighbor hold any right to block access?