Adoption case

My father got adopted after the age of 18 years as per Hindu Law and Custom and there is a registered adoption deed. There was some dispute on housing plot with my father's sister sons. My father has lodged a case in the local court and the judgement received was against my father that adoption is not valid as per Hindu Law as it is after 18 years. The judgement has also mentioned that my father has not proven his adoption. We have given all the documentary proof to the Lawyer, but he has not produced at the correct times. Later, my father has appealed in district court. Our new lawyer has properly submitted the case and as there will be no argument, he has submitted the Statement of Facts in reply to the earlier judgement. Due to recent developments in judicial system, my father case has been taken up for speedy settlement. There was no regular judge and these cases have been given to judge working at different place. Now the new Judge has also gone with the old judgement. Our lawyer is advising us to go to High Court. I request you to please help us out on how to reopen the case for arguments so that the matter will be understood by the judge, as we have all the documentary proofs. It is learned from our lawyer that there will be no arguments in the higher courts.