Dowry harassment

This is the fact of my cousin and paragraph is written as a self described - I had love marriage without my parents. It is only 2 years. I have a one year boy baby. Latter on my husband started torture me for dowry. So I approached my parents and they had given me bed, Almira, fridge, Money to purchase a bike and other gold ornaments. Still he himself with his Grandmother started torturing me for more money. Daily night she used drink and bit me. Finally I made a complain in local ladies police station. Finally they made a compromise and send us. His mother was not staying with him due to his grandmother issue. So as per police station compromise his mom should be staying with us and they should not trouble me. After two month, he had not allowed her mother to stay here and forced her mother to sign on a bond paper that she is not her mother. Finally she tear the paper and gone. Daily my husband and his grandmother used bit me in night and not allowed me to go out. Also not allowed to talk to my family member. If I will talk to anyone he used give me coercion as I will kill you.One day I had my kid and told going to hospital and came to my parents house. After two days I have gone my local police station for complain and they told you go there and file the case, where originally the case was filed. I am belongs to Chennai. That place is 250km from Chennai. When I have gone with my family to that police station the village people come to the police station and told me to comprise. The police told we will not accept the dowry case, you go and file a case in collector office. Then they told me You take all your good and money they will give me after 6months. Finally you file a case against them. Then we have gone to their house to collect the assets, where they did not allow us to take. Again we came to the police station and told the fact. Can any one suggest what is the process to file a dowry harassment and it should be with policy station or collector office. Can I process a case from Chennai, Since I am from Very poor family, not able to travel to long distance. Thanks in Advance.