Irrevocable General Power Power of Attoerney

In 1973-74, I have purchased a house site in Hyderabad with my money and got Registered in my Wife's name. During the year 1980, I planned to dispose it to meet financial commitments and thus my Wife agreed to the proposal and empowered me with an Irrevocable General Power of Attorney with a specific Endorsement that the Registered Power of Attorney is binding on all the heirs and successors without any time limit. As I got some alternative arrangement, I have dropped the idea of selling the Plot till to-day. As my wife was ailing since last year, she died recently. Now,I came to know that my Daughter with the connivence of her Husband, got Terminated the Irrevocable General Power of Attorney without my Knowledge and got the property in their name through a WILL and I have been deprived of the property which I have Acquired with my Money duly obtaining a Receipt for the amount that I have paid at the time of purchase. I am a retired employee and have got no property at all in my name. Please help me how can I acquire my rights on the property which I purchsed And want to do some charity services with the money after selling it to fulfill My life Ambition.