Need help in my family case filed by my husband

My husband have filed case gainst me after 5 months i left him due to domestic voilence including physical and mental tourcher.he filed a conjugal rights and mean while in councelling he never responded nice to me so i have gone to judge and filed a counter to safe guard myself and my daughter life. i just filed a counter that i will join him but i need assurance from him that he will take care of me whitout physical abuse since 2014 till now the case is continuing, once i agreed to go and join him the case was sent to lokadalat but he never turned up there so lokadalat judge sent it back to court and then he never turned back for 5 to 6 months to court and finally in 2016 aug he agreed to take us back but now he is absconding and his parents are not allowing me to join back to there home as there son is not available, i tried reaching him but not in contact what shall i do even one of the court session has also been completed but he has not turned up and there is no response atall from him. Please suggest what shall i do, now judge has put the case for arguments what shall i do how can i approch my case.Thank You.