Subletting my flat in a residential complex

Dear Sir I have bought a flat in a residential complex in north Kolkata. Since I don't stay in that flat, I decided to sublet it not for a prolonged period but to the people visiting Kolkata for a brief period. It is an alternative option to hotel for the visitors. That way I can look after my flat whenever there is no occupants and can stay in there whenever I want. I have been asked to refrain from doing so by the flat committee supposedly it is endangering the security of the flats as there are new faces coming in frequently. They advised me to sublet my property in the traditional manner that If I sublet, I should sublet it to a family for more than 6months or so. My question is can they force me not to sublet the way I am doing? I have my own principles and I ensure that the flats are let out to family only and not to any solo travellers or unmarried couples. I take a copy of the guest's ID and furnish them to the local police station on the day a guest checks in. I personally don't want to sublet in the traditional way. If my stand is good, I will apply for a trade license as well in future. But can a residential committee decide how an owner sublet his flat? Please guide me. Regards