Denial to return my property (legally held by my mother)

Subject: Seeking guidance regarding property dispute. Dear Respectable Lawyers, I bought a land in my native 10 years ago where I built my house then after. During the time of purchase, I registered the property in my mother’s name for which she “orally agreed” to return it to me when time sets out right. Little problems surfaced earlier due to my sibling’s interest in this property by taking an advantage of mom’s legal holding, and this did not matter much to me at that time, and I turned a blind eye. Since a year, my property have become one family dispute & a serious concern to me as my mother is showing interest in dividing the property in to 3 equal parcels (3 siblings incl me) without my consent & voicing her legal rights she has with this. Please advise how to take this forward. Thank you & I appreciate your time. FYI: I have taken this matter to the court. I have issued a “Cheque” at the time of registration. (the cheque dated during that time & the registration date are same)