My hometown is Tripura & I am working as a Techinical Staff in Central University at Nagaland. I got married 2 years ago. First 1 year me & my wife stayed together, after that she got a job at Tripura & she wants to do this job as she want to help me financially. I said ok, you can go & dont worry I can stay here alone & I will come Tripura during holidays(i.e.once in 2 months for atleast 1 week). Then, she started living at Tripura with my parents & sometime with her parents. After, 3 moths the problem started as she said she doesn't want to stay with my parents as my parents doesn't like her. I said what happen? She replied my mother is misbehaving with her. Then, I talked with my mother, she replied my wife was misunderstood on her. I informed this to my wife but she said my mother is telling lie to her. I said ok then you stay with your parents but I was in wonder after 3 months of staying with her own parents she again made the same allegation to her mother also(i.e. my in-laws). Meanwhile, I arrived twice at Tripura & we both have gone through medication as I have lack of protein in my semen & she has thyroid problem. Her mother is telling she is doing this because of thyroid problem. Last month, I settled her in my parents house with separate kitchen room as she doesn't want to share the same kitchen with my mother but still she is querrling with my mother without any reason. She is not listening anyone even her parents, she is doing whatever she likes & keep on threatening me that she will file divorce but I don't want divorce from her. Suddenly, she got angry without any reason. I dont know what to do? If she file divorce than what will be my penalty because I heard that now-a-days women law is very strict? Please, guide me how to handle this situation.