Already paid but but bank manager say not received

Dear sir, I take a loan from Axis Bank in 2008, and EMI is continuously paying but after 25 EMI my bank is shutdown and convert in other bank, so my Loan EMI is bounce and my EMI is pending. when I got sms from bank, that your EMI is pending, I go to bank and pay EMI in cash and other bank ecs documents for EMI, after that they are not proceed my request and say ur ecs document is missplase so please provide again but that time I m not in town. After that some problems in my family just because its take too late, when I come back bank manger call me for pending amount, I said him come and meet me and I want to close the loan. After 2 week again I got a call from bank and ask for money for pending Loan EMI, I again said same things to this bank person, after 2 days he call me and fix time to meet me at my office. He give me a latter for loan closer and pending amount it's 1,62,000/-, I pay total amount in 2 parts, (1,40,00 Cash) pay same day and rest amount pay (22,000 Cash) after two days. And case is close. I payed by cash because executive said me your case is going to legal process if today payment not submitted so please pay by cash, cheque is take 3 to 4 days for clearing. And I pay completely. But now after 5+ years I got a call from axis bank for pending Loan EMI, I really shocked what is saying that person, i tell him full story but they are saying me for his pending amount and call me continually, now what I do because after long time back this things is come and now I don't have any proof because I Change two time my home for rent reason . So, I please help me out what I do for this, I really tense because now my sister going to marry and no any earning other than me and all 6 person in my family depends on me. I please help me out from this. Thanks