Absconding husband and his cruel mother

Hi. I got married 2 years back and that time things were shown very differently to us.l by my husband and hood family. a month after our marriage his mother grew insecure about me taking away her son for reasons known best to her. She used to run to me to hit me, abuse me so much like they do in slums, Badmouth me, both started demanding money from me Cz I told them of my new job. Shockingly my husband was always behind me as his mothers slave and didn't go to work even once in 2 years of the marriage. His mother used to harass him and force him to ask money from me. I only tolerated all the humiliation only Cz I wanted to save the marriage. But somehow I begun to understand that my husband is like his mother. He ran away from me. .leaving me at my moms house with our baby and told me to get remarried as he isn't a capable father. Today it's 6 months he's not seen his child once nor has he kept any contact with me. He is not financially supporting me nor is he taking any responsibility of our son. I want to get divorced but don't know if it's a right decision at this stage when his mother is terminally ill due to cancer. In this condition too she tells him things against me and is still playing a major part in getting us separated.that's what she wants to c in her last days.