I serving in central force, married 18 yrs ago, born two baby and unfortunately no more. Presently Having no children. Since there is difficulties to keep Wife at service place she lived with my parents. Since first day she starts to visit her parents home, 3 km away on regular basis by stating some problems/bahana. After a year she stay at my home only when I was present at home during leave. I complain this issue to my mother in law but I shocked when she said- aap rahte nahi h to ye ghar pe rah ke kya karegi? Inspite I managed and go through for an IVF for a child. But it also becomes unsuccessful. Since April 2014 she living with her parents. Meanwhile I visit her parents home for comeback but she refused with comments that I adopted/(god le liye h) brothers baby and I taking Care of. She also pressed me for adoption of brothers baby. I refused at all since all episodes are beyond my knowledge. Now she is not with me and asking over phone to come at home so that she can brought her Downey items laying at my home. Now I can't understanding that what should I do. I don't want to break up as well as nonsense work of wife. Please give me legal advice.