How to safeguard myself and my family against 498 a by my wife?

My wife is currently staying at her parents home since last four months.. she went to her home without informing anyone when I was at office. Her father continuously harassing me threatening to lodge police complaints when she went to her home one year back with all the jewelleries ( including jewelleries presented by me and my relatives at the time of marriage). Her parents still has kept all those forcefully at their possession and my wife supporting that. Her parents are denying to return those and were threatening me to lodge police complaints just to swallow those valuables.. I still brought back my wife 9 months back hoping that issue might get resolve with time once I discuss with her in this matter.. but things got worst whenever I tried to discuss this thing with my wife. Now after she again went to her home this time I did not contact with her anyway.. now her parents contacted my local councillor with complaint against me and my father.. and trying to separate me out from my father to stay with my wife.. now incidentally I live with my father alone as my mother has passed away 6 years back.. I don't trust my in-laws at any ground therefore I would not leave my father.. now if this happens I doubt they may file complaints against us at police.. How can I and my father avoid arrest against 498A? Also please advice me what should I do to tackle this situation?