Correction of my mother's name and spelling of father's name

Hello, I would like to get my mother's first name, spelling of my father's name and spelling of my grandfather's name corrected in my birth certificate. I currently live overseas and am likely to visit India in February next year specially to get the names/spellings corrected in my birth certificate. My mother's maiden first name has been added in my birth certificate as well as one alphabet is missing in my father's first name. Also the word 'nath" has been added to my grandfather's name as suffix as my father's middle name, which is incorrect. My mother's first name and surname have changed after her marriage and her Passport reflects the new names. My parent's full names in my Indian Passport are mentioned exactly as it is in their Passports. I would like to get my parent's full names/ spellings corrected on my birth certificate exactly as they show in my Passport. I was born in Mahim, Mumbai and the birth registered with the Mumbai Municipal Corporation in 1976. Is it possible to get the corrections done online and have a new birth certificate posted to my parents in Pune? Could someone please let me know the procedure of obtaining a fresh birth certificate from Mumbai BMC? Many thanks in advance.