Ancestral Property to Grand Children

Hi sir, I have a big problem with grand father's property, please advice on the below case what is the best possible solution for the same. Case: Property was transferred from Grand Father > Grand Mother > Father > Without a will he died... Father married first time 2 children Female & Male (both got married). After two kids born first wife died. Children bought up in their grand mother's home / village. They have got their share form her grand mother's property which the male was sold his share. They we're never come together for any causes such as my father got sick, and died in 2014. They did not take care of hospital expense/ funeral or any other expense. Father Second marriage has 2 children Male & Male (both married has 2 + 1 children). For any expense, I took charge and spent my money for every occasion for hospital / funeral father's debts paid on my own everything. Now the first marriage children are line up for property share, and claims that they want to go through court case against my mom two brothers. Please suggest how to overcome this problem even through court how can we proceed. Property is not that much, it's hardly 40 cents of agricultural land. Thank you for your valuable suggestions.