I Got married 2 years ago. since day 1 my wife has been using bad words for my parents,any thing they tell her she has to take it negatively and interpret it in the worst manner.not that my parents have not told her everything right( which I consider to be not proper) .but even after quarrel when my parents have tried to make things right ,she has denied their advancement. in the whole period of marriage she has hardly lived at our home for not more than 1.5 months in which i lived with her at our home for 1 month. After which we came back to my work city.and since that period she has been avoiding my parents all together . she says that she doesn't want me to end the relationship with my parents but gets agitated if they call or contact me. .now she had delivered a baby 4 months back while staying at her parents’ home. Now during her delivery my parents had gone to meet her, and all was ok in front of them and when I turned up same old thing started again at the hospital itself. she would call everyone and started howling what kind of parents I am having . and feeling I had enough, I clearly told her that we all of the in-laws will sit together and discuss what wrong had I and my parents done to her (I had confirmed her of this thing earlier also ,every time we had a quarrel). 1. .to everyone in my friend circle ,neighbours ,in- laws she would insult my family and my in-laws in front of me in the worst manner possible (even name calling ).and if I am not supposed to say anything because it will grow to another quarrel. But if I show any kind of facial anxiety or if someone else stops her from doing so, her reaction will be that I deserve to hear this for life long and also expected to not show emotion over this . 2. Every single day she has to discuss this with someone or the other and spend at least 4-5 hours on scolding my parents. 3. She has quarrelled with me on the streets ,scolding my parents in front of the people while our one month child was at home. 4. From day 1 of our marriage that too on our marriage reception night she had objection about my parents . 5. She is trying to irritate me every now and then mentally and financially. 6. She would deliberately pick up fights with me all the time and used to do so with my parents also.(which i am getting to understand now that she used to do so purposely) Now I have decided for a discussion of our matters in front of all in-laws . so much has happened between us that going back to her doesn’t feels right .yet for the child sake I am compelled not to take some drastic measures. Kindly suggest how can I secure my life legally, without affecting my family and my child .