Got married 1.5 years ago. since day 1 my wife has been using bad words for my parents,any thing they tell her she has to take it negatively and interpret it in the worst manner.not that my parents have not told her everything right .but even after quarrel when my parents have tried to make things right ,she has denied their advancement. in the whole period of marriage she has hardly lived at our home for not more than 1.5 months in which i lived with her at our home for 1 month.and since that period she has been avoiding my parents with no contact she keeps .to the whole world she says that she doesn't want me to end the relationship with my parents but gets angry if they call or contact me. every single day she has to tell something ill about my parents to her family,to my friends ,to our housemaid ,to our neighbours .and i need to listen all of these without making a fuss or else i would be added for firing along with my parents.now she is pregnant and has denied to speak to my parents .also once i had slapped her out of utmost irritation during one of the quarrel. i am unable to focus on my work and feels depressed always at home .and i am thinking to file a divorce after seeing the situation once she delivers the baby.