Domestic violence & Dowery case

I received a notice from an Advocate on behalf of her client, who is my daughter in law that my son had slapped & we are harressing her for Dowery and doing domestic violence. At this time she moved from my sons house & city,state. Now she is with her parents in other state and city. In notice advocate is saying to come to daughter in law parents house to solve the problems & dowry matter otherwise she will file criminal complaints. This notice is a photo copy for that I have posted a Regd. Letter to Advocate to send notice duly originally signed & witnessed in original, because photo copy is not valid in eyes of law , then we will reply/ act on notice. We don't have any trust on daughter in law as she is very smartly making false case against us . We never demanded any Dowery and never harress her for any thing. She is very egoistic & want to make my son joru ka gulam & wants full salary of my son in her hands without doing any domestic work & insisting to live with my son alone without my sons parents who are of age 62 & 57. Now my question is whether we can get anticipatory bail on basis of notice because till date there is no F.I.R. Pl. help from this type of haressment.