1. As my wife has not left the home and residing in my home can she claim for the maintenance. 2. I got married in 2001and having 2 kids daughter 13 yrs, son 8 yrs old. she also claimed for them. 3. I am taking care of all the requirements of my family like education, electricity , House Rent and fooding etc. 4. What are the liabilities deducted form slary while awarding the maint 5. If yes On what grounds she can get the maint. From court. 6. As she is not allowing me to enter in our room and we have not seen each other from last 30 days may I have to apply for RCR. 7. As per act : No wife shall be entitled to receive an allowance from her husband if a) She is living in adultery-----------NOT B) Without any sufficient reason she refuses to live with her husband----living in her matrimonial home C) They are living separately by mutual consent -----------------NO is these three conditions are must or any of the above condition is sufficient to win the maintenance case. 8. How much she can get the maintenance by the court. 9. What steps I have to take now in this condition