Legal action against harassment

Hi Sir/Madam, My wife is working with Vijaya Bank as assistant officer and posted to Jaipur Regional Office. Since she posted to Jaipur, managers were continuously harassing her and forcing her to work on typing and clerical tasks. She follow manager’s command and started working on clerical task. But this was not the end, they started commented some un-acceptable comments to her. Due to this she was mentally depressed which degraded her health. I realized her problem when I brought her to Ganga ram hospital and there doctor told me that she had depression. But still she continue office and applying for other govt jobs. She appear for SSC exams. After few days, she went for long leave due to some medical reason and depression. This was long LOP which I was communicated wife’s office timely. She kept faith on god and got another offer from SSC. Now, when she went office after her LOP for requesting NOC. manager (DGM) and manager (CM ) was start misbehaving and asking “You do not deserve” and some un-acceptable comments. Not even that, on NOC request leter they also mentioned that she was on un-authorize leave during appearing for exam. However attendance register says totally opposite as she was present during exam date. After multiple request by us manager rejected to provide NOC by giving illogical reasons. My wife do not want to continue her job as managers are misbehaving her continuously. My question is: Can we take some legal action against them so that this should not happen with other? Thanks