Bail Application

One of my relative was arreseted a month back on case of Trademark TRADEMARK STORY : He was a director of a pvt ltd company. Trademark was registered 10 years back but while registering the trademark the MD of the company suggested my relative to get the company s trademark registered in his personal name. So my relative in as a capacity of a director and not in his individual capacity got the trademark registered in his name mention contact details of the company and signing on and behalf of the company. In the meanwhile my relative resigned from the company under coersion. 10 years later i.e 2016 he was foced to renew the trademark as he had signed in directors capacity out of good faith. ACTION : My relative was sent a notice from EOW stating that there is a complaint under 420 and 409. The MD's Son had filed a complaint where he stated that my relative was using the companies trademark for his personal benefits though not being a director anymore. Search was conducted but no documents or facts were found which could prove that he had used the trademark for his personal advantage still he was arrested. We had filed a bail application in the magistrate court which was rejected without stating any proper reason for rejecting the bail application and the same thing happened in the session court. Though having a bad medical history and his daughters wedding is scheduled in Nov 2016 the application was rejected. We have now moved to high court for bail Is there any other remedy or Supreme Court / High Court case law in which can be used as a reference ?