Bought property bypassing broker in delhi

My property agent showed me property which I was interested to buy. I had to take loan in order to buy that which I already cleared to my agent. buyer dosent have the registry of property but due to both the agents ignorance the deal went through and I paid byana.later bank refused to give loan due to papers problem by saying Need registration of the property in order to get loan. 1 month my agent forced me that bank is stupid why they not giving loan n all.I asked agent to get the registration done then its easy for me also but he never sis anything cuz he was getting extra money from seller if he make a deal to sell flat on power of artoney only.I called up agent to cancel the deal and follow me. he refused by saying he is busy and I can go myself n take my byana back from seller.I did same. after few days seller called and agreed to register the property only if I pay half amount of registry for him and bypass both agents then bank can give me loan. my question is if I do so what can be the consequences. can I bypass agents this way? is it legal to deal direct to seller as both agents dont want the property get register cuz they will lose extra money from owner.?