Mumbai Pagdi shop Joint tenancy-transfer & trespasser eviction

My married sister has made notarized release deed of her 1/4th share in our father's pagdi shop at Mumbai after his demise. Now out of we 3 brothers (1/3rd each), my younger brother wants to release his share only to me for consideration amount but wants to register the release deed. The joint registrar says all of us siblings & all 4 landlords should be present on registration. My elder brother not ready to come as he has already taken some amount from trespasser & has not replied my legal notice nor contributed in rent. Sister is asking money to come at regn office. Out of 4 landlords, 1 is asking 33% amount & other 3 are not ready to come. Is it any way to do registration or shall I notarized this also. The shop is possessed by a trespasser illegally since 2005 & Only I have paid the outstanding rent from 2005 till march 2016 for which landlord issued rent receipt in my father's name only but in brackets written that it has paid only by me. landlord asking for succession cert for transfer of names. From Apr 2016 till Sept he has not deposited my rent chqs which I had/am keep sending. How can I be 100% tenant & evict the trespasser & possess my father's shop?