CSR closed but conditions not implemented

I am 66 years old widow and was living with my last son 21 years old.recently came to know that he has an illegal affair with a 35 years old married women who has a husband and 13 years old child.( husband aware of illegal relationship). the flat which we live was bought by my late husband from his pf money and he registered it in the name of the last son as minor when he was 11 years old and put himself as guardian.my husband passed away in 2009 when my son was 14 years old. recently i sold a plot of mine for 33 lakhs stamp paper value.( actual selling price 56 lakhs) this last son swindled 35 lakhs from this sale cheating me . moreover saying that he is going to pay tax, he took 7 lakhs ( included in 35 ) and bought a car in his name and filed a wrong IT return for which i am responsible for paying tax. off late my son and that lady came to house and hit me in an argument.now he is asking me to get out of the house since the house is in his name. i complained to the police that he and his illegal women is beating me n trying to kill me. police investigated and upon arbitration, my son agreed to REGISTER the flat in my name and take care of the taxes. i signed off the CSR in the police station. Now he is refusing to register in my name and i have to run behind him for taxes.. what is that i should legally do? Help me please..