Reg: House owner deducting unnecessary charges from advance

Hi Sir/Madam, I rented the house (ground floor) on August 21st for Rs.9000 per month including all and given advance amount of Rs.60000. Since the house interior walls weren't clean we asked the owner to paint and give before shifting. So he painted and gave for the cost of Rs.5000. Then as days go by i came to notice that doors borders are not proper and heard from my maid that already robbery happened in the house. The robbers broken the locks. The locks are replace but the doors weren't strong enough and some clay like substance is molded near the locks in the wood and painted in wood color which will fall if we touch itself. Since i concerned about the safety i thought of shifting my home. And informed owner that i will be vacating home by November 1st week. Since i can't stay in that home anymore due to safety concerns. But my owner is telling that he will deduct November month rent till 21st for notice period and Rs.5000 for painting his home(which is not mentioned in the agreement). He is telling that " since you asked only i have painted the house otherwise i won't painted it. Now its a loss for me so i will deduct for advance amount". I agree that i should have given a notice before but i came to know all these theft issues now only. So i am shifting home quickly. Can anyone please give solution for this deductions. Thanks in advance.