LLP balance sheet not filed

Hi, My friends and I(5 partners in total) started an LLP in 2011. However due to some circumstances after registration we could not do any business using the LLP. Till date no business of even Re.1 has taken place. However we failed to file returns on the same since inception and started receiving show cause notices. Our then CA advised us to hold on as govt usually announced fine waivers to such non functional entities and we could pay minimal fine and close company. But such a waiver never came. Thereafter Ministry of corporate affairs has filed a case for year 2014-15 for not filing and responding to the notice. As situation stands now we have received yet another notice for 2015-16 We approached a company secretary who advised us to pay fine and file for 15-16&14-15(year for which case filed), then request case be withdrawn since we filed and close company once case withdrawn. But that leaves us with the question of the previous years. Would the MCA come after us for years 2011-12,12-13,13-14 as well even if we successfully close the company? Is there a provision in corporate law to request for minimal fine taking all years into consideration, since no business was done? Grateful for any advice/direction. Thanks