Friend owes my Rs. 80,000. What do I do?

I owe my roommate a total of Rs. 80,000. The transaction was made from my account to her dad's. They claimed they had been cheated by a friend and didn't have enough money left. They said they will return it in a month, but it's going to be nine months now. In addition to this, all this while they have caused me a lot of stress, to the point that I had to go to psychiatry only to discover that I had reached the peak of my depression. When this happened, I clearly remember being stressed out about my roommate and the way she and her parents were behaving with us. Following are some instances: I didn't say anything for three months thinking to myself that maybe she'll come now, maybe she'll come tomorrow. But the stress was too much. They were hiding their faces like any thief would. They were waiting to be called out. So when I finally ask her, she says "we thought you would be cooperative, but it was our mistake. We thought we will give it to you as soon as our prior commitments are dealt with." Well, then why the hell did they tell me they'd give it back in a month anyway? After that, every time I asked they have postponed dealing with the issue. Again I heard the same excuse this week: our payment has got delayed. The dad is a cardiologist, so obviously highly paid, that too in Apollo Hospitals (according to what I was told by my roommate). Impossible to believe that they delay payments in the name of "bank holidays", for a month. They are just being straight up rude. I didn't have a written account of this, but I have the transaction details of the transfer, and text messages that really prove they owe me that money. They also gave me a cheque (finally) but then again asked me to deposit it later because "payment got delayed". What do I do now?