Crpc 125

I work for a MNC, Me and my family members were the victim of my wife's and my brother in laws harassment and mental torture of police arrest and filing multiple cases , in march 2013 DP act and 498 a was filed against me and my mom , with intervention of my elders case was withdrawn by my wife in june 2015 , i have 2 kids 1 baby girl and 1 baby boy , my wife did not wanted to stay with me and left to her place last november and this month i got a notice from family court for crpc 125 ,i've been giving her money to manager my kids and her expenses , still she filed this case . Question: 1 . Does this case effect if im planning to immigrate to different country 2 . i do not want to pay even a penny to her after this cheap act from her and her brothers - is this possible 3 . what happens if i do not pay maintenance to her and shift to a different city from hyderabad 4 . and can i file RCR and ask her to stay with me in a seperate home (not my parents home) 5 . what happens if she denies to stay together with me 6 . and can i file any case on her like Defamation please help with out with this thank you