Neighbour harrasment on common wall between buildings

Hi Sir/madam, We stay in our owned apartment for more than 15-20 years now on the 5th floor of a building which is attached to another building (with a common wall) which happens to be my rooms wall and which has 2 windows on the terrace side of another building (the terrace also has 3 rooms). A lady (who is around age 35-40,unmarried now and lives on the extremest distance of all the three rooms) is all of a sudden having certain issues with my window (which i think is due to her nature to keep fighting with people every other month or so or may be some unknown grudges) and she is convincing/manipulating their building comitte to build a wall right in front of our window which would block light as well as air. The rest 2 house owners of that building and also my building people dont have any problem with the windows. she is been continuously harassing us by abusive language,insulting words, also making her cothes dry exactly in front of our window so that it covers up the window (the clothes also stink sometimes),continuously peeping in our window, sweeping the floor of terrace so hard that dirty water sprinkles enter our window. I am desperately looking for help as she is for sure looking to take an advantage of her being woman and single status and earn sympathy when required.