Can I file a complain in police station

I'm a nurse, last month a patient admitted in our hospital (@ 2.30 A.M.)with c/o pain abdomen and vomiting. It was first day condition, blood investigation done in evening i.e. CBC, HB%, Sr. Bilirubin, Sr. Electrolyte and Malaria test. On admission patient's vitals checked, BP- 130/90 mmhg, Temp. - 98.4(N). His Bilirubin found high (8.73mg) in evening. Next day he got mild abdominal pain and deep breathing. I was on duty, as soon as possible I checked his vitals, i.e. BP - 90/60 mmhg, HR- 64//min, SPO2- 89% (HR & Spo2 check by pulse oxymeter). I informed duty Doctor including CMO. His ECG and Sr. Amylase done quickly and it was also high. His Amylase was 1955 (the Normal range is < 150 IU/L). Soon patient refer to the higher center but patient died on the way. Now the problem is, the decedent was a reporter and they starts blaming hospital. So, CMO and our matron wants to terminate me. I want to ask a question here can I file a complain? If 'yes' than where and in which way. I have evidence about my work and theirs too. I have a photo copy of that file.