Ipc 420

Hi there, my boyfriend got into a big problem for helping his brother's friend to go cyprus for job hunting via an agent in Delhi . the agent were not someone whom my boyfriend knew personally. after paying around 390 000 rupees to the agent bank account as well as post their passports to the agent, they got cheated once again as the air ticket booked to Cyprus by the agent were fake. Now the unhappy friend of his brother failed a case on my boyfriend. under IPC 420. My boyfriend then hired a lawyer from Delhi and seek for his assistance. His lawyer proccessed his documents at the lower indian court and to his bad luck,Judge dismissed the case for untold reason. And now he is applying for bail at the high court of india. and the very same time the police are searching for him for investigation purpose.but he is currently hiding in relative house with his mobile phone switched off. my boyfriend did this under the advice of his lawyer. after the bail from high court is granted he will be free to stay outside and worry not about the policemen. but my concern is why did the judge dismissed his case earlier in the lower court? and what are the chances of him to get the anticipatory bill form high court this time? kindly help me to understand what is happening,as i am a malaysian and has no knowledge of Indian law. Thank you very much.