Dispute regarding share of work

Hello Sir/mam, I don't know if I'm doing the right thing by asking you these things or not. But being a law abiding and responsible citizen I decided to take this path. It looks silly but we sufferers can only understand. We three people live in an apartment. We had been living peacefully and sharing the works together. Gradually one guy had started to take us for granted and stopped doing his part. Me being the senior most person tried everything to make him understand the necessity of his input in keeping the house clean. But it has been two month s since he last did his part, that too once after another long break. We want nothing from him except his share of total effort in keeping the house clean. Since he doesn't like to share time with us so we are not expecting him to do other stuffs like paying bills, calling water and all. One thing for sure neither we can keep cleaning his dirt nor we can keep our house dirty. I am out of ideas as all my non violent efforts to make him realize have gone in vain. Please suggest the necessary course of action. I don't want to take law in my hands. Please don't consider it as a complain. We are working people who want to live in a clean and peaceful environment. It's an honest effort to sort out our differences. Every time I ask people I get stupid solutions or no solution at all, so I decided to ask the professionals. Finally please keep one thing in mind before considering it as a stupid query, big crimes are often results of small issues. Regards