Dowry and attempt to murder

Hi sir, I got married in feb 2016 my wife and in-laws do this kinda wired activities like tapping our calls and purposefully quarrel with me and my family with bad words and record it in cell phone she does all kind of nonsense things which made us angry in the beginning and make this listen to our relatives saying we are bad charactered, she took our jewellery and her cloths as well now they have registered a case of attempt to murders and domestic violence(don't look the girl properly and don't provide food, and tried to kill her which is false), since she broke our belief I have abused her on calls which they have a record (only bad words but not to kills words) now there family are asking sorry and and wanting us to take her home back (she often wanted to go separately leaving my parents that call records I have it on my cell) they bring rowdys everytime and threaten to kill me if I don't take her back home they make false allegations every time on the other hand they want us to keep there daughter I am just sick and tied of this