Sahakari bank pressuring 2nd surety from salary for part EMI

Hi, Good Morning, I had been surety for a friend who had taken 2 Term Loan and 1 CC total of 95 lakh+ from a saahakari bank located in Borivali against his commercial property worth of 1.5 Cr in 2012. As per banks rule I had provided all my home, office and income proof, with me there was 1 more person registered as a surety for this loan. Now the borrower is failing to pay his EMI from last 1 year and presently his account is NPA. The bank had tried his own procedure for recovery of money but could not succeed. Currently, bank is approaching me at the office to recover his EMI amount, stating that they can recover his part EMI from my salary under the Maharashtra Co-operative Society Act, 1960 section 49 and 101. The bank is could not reach the 1st person who stands as surety and also who agreed me to stand as 2nd surety for all these loans. Kindly advice, am I liable for all this process or bank should start working on recovery of money from a borrower’s property. If in case, I am liable in whatever circumstances, then please explain till what extend I will stand responsible and how much office have right for deducting my salary and pay out the bank