Waiveoff 6 months,reply on the question asked previous unreplied

Marriage on dec 2013, wife filled petition for divorce on ground of mental harassment and alimony in July 2015, facts has not been disclosed and also husband having ill habits of chatting over the social media and random phone calls to the number of random females abroad has not been accepted by husband in the court and has presented wrong details in present of court regarding family, house and his brother for which the questions are left unanswered. But due to very much ill mannered statements by the lawyer of husband, wife declared in front of judge that she doesn't want any alimony but just want the marriage expenses only to be reimbursed but in that also wife only claimed Rs. 3 lacs and requested to get the divorce at the earliest. Husband agreed to pay 3 lacs and divorce under mutual agreement in the month of July 2016, but now as the case has been filed under mutual consent then why do they have to wait for 6 moths again?? Isn't it unfair, that though both the parties are ready to separate but still the court is asking them to wait for 6months??