Stoppage of basic facility of a sold plot

Hello sir, my mother purchased a land of 360 sft 30 years back a and the land is registered in my mother name and mutation was done in her name. The land was sold by a widow woman having all her children minor in the than time. Now the elder son, now a major, of the widow woman has been raising dispute the area of the land with the help of other neighbors. we have done field survey of the land by a civil engineer in presence of a local Panchayat Official and it has been found that we occupy 360 s.ft area of the land as sold. They have resorted criminal activities which are reported to local police. Now, finding no other issues, they have stop our drainage facility with the help of local Panchayat forcefully and have been threatening to stop access of way to our house having support of local Panchayat. Panchayat has opined in a joint meeting for determination of valuation of land and compensation for drainage facility and access of the way, common passage. Wheareas as per wording of the land sale deed we have the right to access common passage and same can not be denied and not maintainable in any court. Now my question is how do we get the access the drainage facility of my home? Should we have to pay compensation for the same? Can they stop access of common passage of the plot as access to our house, there is no other common passage to get access to the home? For your information we do not have a sanctioned building plan of our existing building.