Divorce Help

Hi, I met a guy through common friend in march 2014. When we started dating he was pursuing his masters in US since 2013 and i was handling my business in India. After a year of dating he wanted me to come to US for starting my career at States. So we decided to get married so that he could bring me on dependent visa. He came to India and got married to me without telling anyone in his family. My family and i agreed as he said that his family is strict and will not accept this marriage. Hence he convinced me to come to US and start my MBA, after which he promised me to introduce to his family and get married eventually. He came to India for 10 days and we got married in May 2015 in Delhi. I got dependent visa and planned to move to US after a year. As planned in March 2016 finally i decided to move to US for my education. We had lot of fights and arguments before i shifted to US due to the differences in our basic nature and approach towards life. So my family did not wanted me to go but i convinced everyone as my husband did not wanted to give up on the marriage. In March 2016 only he got his first job and we started living together since then. Due to our differences we ended up arguing at times and since i was alone and had nothing much to do at states i became too much dependent on him emotionally. I started arguing with him for not paying attention towards me as he used to be busy with his work schedule. Instead of supporting me emotionally and making me understand he made up his mind that i cannot be an understanding wife. After few days i got to know that he started talking to a girl introduced to him by one of his family members, on marriage prospects. When i asked him initially he denied and then accepted saying that he don't see future prospects with me. I took the blame on myself for not understanding him and not supporting him. Hence i decided to be more understanding and focus on my career. I applied for the change of my status from dependent to student visa for which it atleast takes 3-4 months after coming to US. Eventually things were becoming fine but unfortunately i had to leave for India in May 2016 as my Mama died due to the paralysis attack. When i was in India he hardly spoke to me even after knowing the situation at home. I suspected him and checked his call details, after with i was shocked to know that he started to talking to girls and had also created his profile on matrimony site. He kept denying initially and later accepted saying that he does not want to have further relationship with me. Due to the situation at my home i couldn't tell about this to anyone and had to deal alone with all the emotional trauma. On one hand not even having a last chance to meet my mama and on the other hand a failed marriage. As i did not wanted to hurt my family at that given situation, i decided to go back and work on my marriage and career. He agreed to it and asked me to come back. I went back to US and tried convincing him. Sometimes he seemed to be convinced but still i noticed that he did not stopped talking to girls. He even started talking to their parents for marriage purpose. With all this emotional and mental stress i still kept on trying to work on this marriage. After some time things went fine but he would end up talking to some new girl even we had a little argument. Eventually my student visa got approved in September and he seemed to be happy about it. Then he even told me that he is ready to give it a try. I went to the college and started with my course. After the first week itself when he came to pick me up for the weekend i got to know that now again he was approaching some new girl. When i asked him to tell me truth he denied and when i showed him the screenshot of his conversation he accepted and said that he already told me from the beginning that he don't want to be in this marriage. I was in tremendous shock and couldn't just understand what am i supposed to do here all alone. As i never liked being at States from day one. I always missed my family and friends but only because of him, for this marriage i struggled all alone. I was under constant emotional stress. Finally after few days of college only i decided not to pursue MBA anymore and head back towards India. I spoke to my mom about all this and she said that she would support me even if i want to study at States or even if i decide to come back. As i was sure that i am not in the right frame of mind, i dropped out of the college and now i am coming back to India in Nov to get over with this marriage first. Even now i do not see any sign of guilt on his face for ruining my life and making me go through all this. He even slapped me and got violent with me at times earlier. Still i did not complain to the police as i did not wanted to risk his career here. Am really disheartened with whatever happened and still he has not told his parents about marriage. Given my situation what is the best legal advice for me as i don't want to make it an easy escape for him by giving mutual divorce. I have a business on my name in India will that affect getting me an alimony on cheating and emotional grounds. I have all the screenshots of his chats and emails. I have also spoken to few girls he was talking to for marriage purpose. Am really hurt and i don't want him to go so easily on legal grounds but without knowing all the facts i don't want to end up into another struggle. Also will this affect that none of his family members still knows about the marriage? Thank a lot in advance.