Illegaly declared absconding

Respected Sir, I have faced the following issue: I was given an offer by one of the Big4 audit firms. I also had few other offers. I accepted one of those offers and joined the company. Meanwhile I decided that I can take up the opportunity in that Big4 firm. I went to their office but at the last moment I decided to call it off and came out from their office. I did not sign any document. No bank account has been created. I was not given company ID card, laptop or anything else. However, I kept getting mails from them to join and one day they send me termination mail stating that I absconded. My question is in absence of me completing any kind of joining formality can that Big4 firm call me an absconder? I have not legally joined their firm.Even they have not provided me salary for a single day. They have also not provided me FORM16. I got an offer from the same Big4 in Qatar, a different legal entity from the one in India. But due to this incident they have disqualified my employment. Is their any legal remedy to this issue?